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Maternal Health Speciality

Sangeetha hospital is the best pregnancy and child care hospital in coimbatore. Sangeetha hospital is the best hospital on palakkad road which supports normal delivery. Maternal and Child Health, both are an area of concentration and a specialty area in sangeetha hospital. We treat you with the best gynecologist in coimbatore to support you in terms of normal delivery. Maternal and Child Health includes obstetrics, gynecology, pediatrics and newborn services, providing a rich variety of care options for women and children. Our group includes board-certified obstetricians, those who specialize in high-risk pregnancies We care for women from before conception through delivery with comprehensive, high-quality care for high-risk pregnancies, preconception and genetic counseling, specialized testing and screening and much more. Sangeetha hospital offers many services unavailable anywhere else in the area. Many factors may increase a woman’s chance of having a high-risk pregnancy, and we can help determine what those factors might be, how they might be managed and, through counseling,and  help a woman and her family make informed decisions about her current or planned pregnancy. Whatever your risk factors may be, we’re here to help you with the best possible care to help you have a successful pregnancy. We offer a wide range of skilled nursing, rehabilitation, and infusion services for pediatric and maternal care.

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